Importance Of Cyber Security

Many years have passed since "The Brain," the first computer virus made its appearance. During those days, only a limited number of people had access to the internet. The only way this virus and the others that soon followed made their way from one computer to the other via floppy disks. The moment a floppy disk was inserted in an infected computer, the virus would attach itself to the disk, and contaminate other computers the disk was inserted in. Things have changed drastically with the wide spread of the internet. Nowadays, a simple task like visiting a website might result in your computer being affected by a virus, keyloggers, Trojans, and ransomware. The last named has gained popularity over the past two years.

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Dangers posed by malware

Also known as cryptoware, it encodes all data in the targeted computer and flashes a sign that the user has a certain frame of time by which he has to pay ransom in the form of cryptocurrency to a specific digital wallet. If the person does not pay the amount demanded by the determined time, his or her data is lost forever. Based on estimates, millions of computers suffered from this particular malware in the year 2017, including those who had strong security measures implemented in their computers. However, many companies in the United Kingdom remained safe from this attack because of the timely action taken by the professionals of cyber security companies uk. The specialists of these companies know about an impending attack and create solutions for them, so that they do not affect their client's computer network or their websites.

Probing eyes in your network

Are you aware that hackers can easily gain access to your computer network, and from there to the database of your clients? Once they have been able to decrypt the details of your database, they can steal information such as the credit or debit card details of your client. They can also access your website and plant malicious bits of code on it. Once done, it leads to compromising of the browsers of the visitors to your website. Their computers get affected with viruses and other malware. In case they have anti virus software installed on their computer, they will see a warning message each time they try to visit your online store. You can rest assured that they will never visit your store again.

Take preventive measures

You ought to take preventive measures immediately, else, you risk losing your clients. If word about your site being affected spreads through social media, you can say goodbye to your online shop. However, you can thwart attacks by hackers and keep your computer network safe with the help of professionals whose speciality is to detect cyber threats in advance and take steps required to prevent them. As the owner of a UK based online business, it is your responsibility to seek the help of cyber security specialists to protect the private information of your clients. Contact cyber security companies UK today, and request them to send their professionals to check if your computer network has been compromised and provide a solution in case it is.